About TravellingCompanimals.com
Welcome to Travellingcompanimals.com - the site for people who like to get away - and who like to take their cuddly/furry/cute "animals" with them.
George the teddy in a train carriage We're not talking "flesh and blood" type animals here - we all know that they are too dirty, smelly, noisy and attention-seeking to be bothered with when on holiday. And what's more, they won't keep still for photographs to be taken. We much prefer the type you can hug without getting bitten, and can take to bed without catching fleas.

We've started this site with some travellingcompanimals of our own, and we hope that you will want to add to our galleries of teddies, heffalumps, bunnies, and creatures of all denominations. And we hope that when you go away you won't leave your cuddly friends behind to be sad and lonely - but will take them with you, take a few snaps, and share them with us.

Charles the teddy on the beach

It's really easy to submit photos to us, and w'ed be delighted to get them. But please note that this site is family friendly so all submissions and comments will be moderated - and will not appear immediately.

Happy holidays and get snapping!

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